A Cleancast listener in Houston just emailed:

Hi Jolie,

I’m in Houston and, while I’m fine, many of my friends are not. My friends know about my love of cleaning podcasts and have been asking me what to do. Specifically, how do you get the smell of gross flood water out of your garage? No drywall was damaged, but the garage still smells like death - even after all the wet gunk is removed. Would mopping with white vinegar be strong enough? Bleach and Lysol seem like they would cause more problems with storm runoff, but is that the best bet? Any other tips besides removing the wet gunk ASAP?


I thought the most helpful for me to to do would be to pull together resources for flood and disaster cleanup, so here goes! Please share any resources you think would be helpful and I will continue to update this post. — JK

The Best Way to Clean Up After a Flood | Good Housekeeping

A helpful explainer on the steps to take when confronting a flooded home, from assessment, to carpet and upholstery cleaning, to documenting damages for insurance purposes.


Cleaning Up After A Flood | ShopVac

ShopVacs are incredible tools for flood cleanup, and this article provides a good overview of how to remove water and dry out flooded spaces.

Tips to Prevent Post-Flooding Mold at Home: Clean It, Dry It or Discard It | FEMA


Mold-specific information from FEMA.

Flood Preparedness and Response | OSHA

OSHA offers this helpful list of precautions to take — from electrical concerns to snakes — when performing flood cleanup.

Flood & Storm Clean-Up Information | The Civil Service Employees Association

Loads of links to useful articles on all manner of disaster relief cleanup procedures.